mikes ipad may 2014 033I’ve got a lot of money to raise. I’m trying not to think about it too much. I need about 3k for equipment, about 3.5k for training costs, another 13k donation to the main expedition and another 3-4k probably for flights to very obscure places. A grand total of about 20-25k. Mmmm. OK, so where on earth do I start?

Two ways to do this. Getting people to donate to my cause. But I dont have that many friends. So hopefully I will raise most of this through sponsorship. Raising my profile in the media and asking local companies to sponsor me. I can wear their clothing, use their products, have photos in the press with their banners, both locally in Southport and out in the Arctic. I have never ever done anything like this before. Follow my progress here….

Fundraising news:

Sunday 13 September: A few more donations have come in on the back of that great photo. I’ve also got my Twitter account going and my daughter has set me up on Instagram. But I’ve got a big problem. I need to pay for the first of my training costs by this coming weekend – £1200 – and so far I only have £90. I have no idea how I am going to do this. Maybe they will extend the deadline… Maybe my birthday on Friday will bring in a few contributions…. And I plan to get out to sponsors again on Wednesday. I can only keep going and hope…..

Friday 11 September: I have to start asking for sponsors. I have a pack to give out, plus a copy of the online Visiter story. The plan is to go from shop to shop, to start with. I think this may work better than emails. I never read my emails. I procrastinate a bit more. A run. Take Harry (my father in law) to the doctors. Have some lunch. Oh God, just get on with it…..

I now have total sympathy with my clients. I’m anxious. There’s no other word for it. Right just do two shops and then you can go have a coffee. I get in the car and drive randomly. I come across a couple of small shops. They’re small and likely to be useless but I’ve got to practice my patter somewhere…..

Three shops later and I’m happy. It’s coffee time and I’ve broken that barrier. I stuttered and gushed but I don’t care. I’ve done it! I’ve made a start! Time for a coffee!

A fortifying coffee and some handy advice from my favourite Cafe MooMoo. I bounce out and head over to Foden newsagents which is next on my list. I walk towards the billboard and nearly keel over……..it’s me!!

After accosting a passerby to take a photo, I stagger in.

“You know that poster outside?” I screech, “Thats me!” And the whole shop stop and stare!

I do one more shop after that and get a really positive response. My patter’s improving. I leave some bumpf and will call back. I can’t wait to get home and show people my billboard photo. It’s a classic!

Wednesday 9 September: My story is online at the Southport Visiter and I get my first donation!!!! I am very excited and dance around my father-in-laws lounge! Now just another £24,990 to go!

Early September: Come one Moira, just do it! A pep talk from Catherine helps. I ring the Southport Visiter. Get my sister to ring the planners at North West tonight.

Late August: I’m home. Time to hit the media. But for some reason I’m hesitating….I’ve got to put myself out there, but I’m shy….me? Shy?! What if I can’t do this and then everyone knows about it? I procrastinate for ages. I talk about it a bit to friends…

Mid-August 2015: Two weeks in Spain with Mike and the kids. I sneak out of bed each morning and try and work out how to use WordPress and gofundme. Never done a website before, but by the time we leave for England, I have the bones of it I’m quite pleased! Got a slight tan too!

8 August 2015: Fundraising day organised by Jim, top floor of Snow and Rock in Covent Garden. Really convenient to get to for us northerners…This is make or break time. I need to see how we do this, is it plausible? But the day turns out to be incredibly useful and inspiring. Catherine and I drive home; her driving and me scribbling all our contacts madly in both our note pads as we think of them.