So who am I? What is so ordinary about me? Well, I’m a 48 year old wife and mother of two young girls and I have never, ever considered taking on something as big as this before.

Its true, I’m pretty daft, as my friends would no doubt tell you. After I’d discovered the answer to the question “Where the heck is the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility?”, I could feel something growing in my belly. I wouldn’t exactly call it a fire. More like the embers of a long forgotten barbecue.

A long long time ago, in a different lifetime, I did do some daft things. At the age of 25, with no sailing experience at all, I answered an advert in Yachting Monthly, met a couple of equally daft adventurers and set off to sail across the Atlantic in a ramshackle 40ft yacht. It won’t surprise you to know that one of these two, Catherine, is an Ice Warrior too – here’s the link to her page.

Despite hitting the perfect storm (made famous by the film A Perfect Storm), we survived, only to nearly drown and then run aground in Antigua and then later get impounded by the Venuzulan Army. All great fun!

Six months on, after weeks of hedonistic partying in New Orleans, I had a drastic reaction to one final humongous hangover. I walked into town, bought a bike from the nearest cycle shop and set off for New York.

Five weeks and 2000 miles later, I rode into New York, hangover free with legs of steel!

But, now I am happily married and have two fantastic daughters. Life hasn’t been totally peaceful, or rational either, but anything my husband and I have done has been limited by the needs of our kids, who have always come first.

However it seems things might be changing….The kids are getting older, developing their own interests. And those embers that I thought were dying have started to burn red again…

In the interview at the Ice Warrior selection weekend, Jim asked me “Why do you want to do this?” As I struggled to find some rational reasons that I could repeat to him, it occurred to me that he was asking the wrong question. I wanted to say; Stop, rewind the camera, Jim, now ask me this: “Moira, are you going to do this?

Yes, Jim, oh yes“, I would have said unhesitatingly. Nodding like the Churchill dog. Oh yes.